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When 2-for-1 cocktails become 6-for-3...

semi-overcast 33 °C

Yesterday morning we caught the monorail to KL Sentral, then waited rather longer than the sign suggested for the next train to Mid Valley Megamall. Mmm, rubber time. This was mostly to visit a larger Toys R Us for more train stuff, plus a RC car for Plane Boy, plus one for Josh...
Enjoyed Pepper Lunch for, well, lunch - same chain store as in Japan, rice and meat on sizzle plates. Yummo!

After that it was time for a siesta before sunset drinks at the Traders Hotel. Wary of the evening rush hour, we took a taxi quite early. Not necessary as it turned out, we were there in about 4min. Still, we had plenty of time for a really nice leisurely walk around some of the KLCC Park next to the hotel. Much more comfortable than the midday visit after the aquarium. :)

Kudos to Plane Boy for prebooking this event from home - perhaps the highlight of the holiday so far. A very trendy bar 33 floors up, facing the Petronas* Towers right across the plaza below. Entire bar is bisected by a long straight lap pool for the hotel guests, with conversation pit style booths lined with big cuddly cushions on our side and bar tables on the far side. Very pleasant to gaze out over KLCC on one side, or follow the swimmers on the other.
Even better, selected cocktails were 2 for RM48 (about A$16) until 8.30pm. 8-D Nerdia worked her way through the list (hey, that's only 6 drinks) while Plane Boy stuck to the Tiger beer (also 2 for 1), plus a very nice sour green apple liqueur.
The view of the Towers was fantastic, and we took lots of video plus some good-looking photos, including a few panorama shots. Called it a day just before happy 'hour' ended (natch) - and Nerdia is none the worse for wear today, thank you all very much.

  • apologies for incorrect spelling in previous posts! Nerdia is suitable chastened.

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Feathers, Fur and Fins

...not to eat, just to look at!

rain 34 °C

Donning our best David Attenborough safari suits, yesterday we headed off to Aquaria (why the plural?) at KLCC plus KL Bird Park across the city. We never miss an aquarium when travelling, and this one was good - better than Osaka, though nothing beats Siam Ocean World in Bangkok. Lots of different animals besides the fish: snakes, giant geckos, huge insects, extremely cute mammals from South America (can't recall the name right now), BIG water rats, hideous tarantulas - and everybody's favourite, otters.
The fish were impressive too, especially the enormous specimens from the Amazon flood forests - some of which grow to several metres in length and can apparently jump out of the water to catch birds - or monkeys. The battery in Nerdia's new camera doesn't last too long so not many photos, but lots of video for you lucky people back home.
Saw a bit of the KLCC park afterwards, which is very nice and reminds us a bit of Nara Deer Park (without the deer). Big kiddies playground and giant wading pool, full of kids, parents and very assertive uniformed women with whistles.

Then it was off to KL Bird Park, a very impressive place despite the humidity. Hornbills are HUGE birds! It's a mix of large cages like the old part of Perth Zoo, part vast netted canopy where all sorts of birds can fly around you. Very nice faux forest, waterfall etc as well - thoroughly recommended. The eagles inside their cages were keenly aware of the delicious-looking monkeys scurrying all over the outside of their cages... and one particularly threatening black eagle was eyeing off the visitors too. Nom nom nom.
Capped off the visit with a very welcome fresh coconut - mmm, refreshing. Skipped the nearby Butterfly House due to the heat, but the whole area looks quite interesting as it includes beautiful parkland as well as the National Monument and Parliament. Maybe another day.

Plane Boy braved the cold swimming pool in the rain back at the hotel, then that was it for the day as we were pooped. Didn't even go out for dinner, had yummy room service (burger for Plane Boy, vegetable platter for Nerdia).

Today we're off to Mid Valley megamall, plus a swanky evening of cocktails at the Traders Hotel Skybar.

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How many times can you listen to Happy Birthday?

Many, as it turns out.

storm 32 °C

Another nice start to the day, though this time we had light breakfasts so we could enjoy the main event: brunch in the revolving restaurant above the observation deck in KL Tower. This gave us a superb view of the city and an impressive buffet feast... plus a pianist cursed with the job of playing Happy Birthday To You for what seemed like every single guest in the place. He must have played it eight times. Lucky guy.
Food was lovely, especially the lamb - it's fabulous here! The 'chocolate mountain' was yummo too, a large cone of dense mud cake style chocolate goodness, yum. :)
Had a great view of the Patronus Towers, though we'll see them again when we have drinks at the Traders Hotel's Skybar in a few days' time. After lunch we visited KLCC, a luxury shopping complex right next to the Towers, so we got to see them at ground level too. Immsense and sort of glittery, can't wait to see them up close at night with all the lights.
KLCC was fancy but we really went there for the Toys R Us shop - and more Tomy trains! There was a small range and we did buy some more track plus a few bits and pieces, but it was a pretty small store so we'll probably hunt around for a bigger one.
After that it was back to the hotel for a rest. Plane Boy ordered some DVDs - a lot more 'cloak and dagger' than in Bangkok (wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more). Had to pick them up from a stairwell! Nerdia was all set to try the hotel pool but it was freezing cold so no dice. (For those familiar with BKK's Grand China Princess: it's small, but nowhere near THAT small!) Instead she amused herself watching the lateral bungee race and air cushion fighting at the Times Square entrance (soft drink promotions are the same the world over, it seems).
We were going to skip tea after the big lunch, but hunger eventually crept up on us so we returned to Times Square for a bite. Ended up in a fiarly forgettable cafe right below the in-store roller coaster, which rumbled overhead every few minutes. (Nerdia was all set to do the amusement park on our first visit, but the line was huge so she'll get in as soon as it opens some other day.) Tea was pathcy: garlic rice good, sour plum & Sprite bad. On the other hand, Plane Boy liked his cheese baked rice with chicken chop, and the marvellous apple green tea served in a carafe is a new favourite.
That was it for yesterday. Today we're off to visit the aquarium!

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Let's go SHOPPING!

overcast 32 °C

Nerdia did her bit for her Global Corporate Challenge team yesterday, when we walked over 25,000 steps during our KL Shopping Odyssey. (She's having trouble logging onto the GCC website at the moment so the totals may not show up for a while - sorry folks!)
After a vast and yummy hotel breakfast (Nerdia especially liked the flat spiral pastry thingies), we returned to Times Square for a thorough exploration of the upper floors we hadn't reached the day before. The top few are still being fitted out but there are many, many weird and wonderful beauty parlours - most of which seem to cater for Pricilla, Queen of the Desert fans. Very strange indeed.
Lots of bizarre clothing stores, shoes, handbags, items available only to a select, discreet adult clientele in Perth... and magic shops. Magic is apparently very popular in KL, as are breast enhancement, hair replacement and tattoos. Everywhere you go you can hear the buzz of needles.

After a brief pitstop it was off to check out the other nearby malls - which turned out to be surprisingly nearby, right next door in fact. We spent hours at Sungei Wang Plaza - 'for all kinds of everything' as the brochure suggests. Including T-Bowl, a toilet-themed restaurant Nerdia is keen to try. Everyone sits on bogs with those tacky decorative resin seats containing dolphins, seashells etc - choice. :) For those of you who've been to Bangkok: quite like MBK. Lunch was at a super little Taiwanese restaurant there - fresh strawberry juice drinks and yummo salted chicken for about $15 all up, yay! Plane Boy made his first significant purchase: a RC model helicopter, much larger and less fragile than his old one. Judging by the way the storeholders were throwing around their demo model, it's practically indestructible. Plane Boy is seriously thinking about mounting a small video camera on it... watch out, Charlotte!

Following JT's map (thanks JT!) we made it to Low Yat Plaza, electronic wonderland. Nerdia was mesmerised by all the nifty new mobile 'phones, notebooks and mp3 players. We goggled at the incredibly expensive top of the range audio equipment on offer, such as the A$8,300 turntable. Pass.

Suddenly it was 5pm! Back to the hotel for beers and cocktails, then JT's advice proved invaluable once again as we made it to the Petaling Street night markets by monorail and train. Pah, who needs taxis? :) Long straight streets like the Chiang Mai night markets, but even more cramped and crowded than Chatuchak. Merchandise was not outstanding, and frankly it was far too crowded to stop and haggle, so we didn't buy anything. The outdoor restaurants at the far proved much more enticing, and we enjoyed our (fairly standard) Chinese meal while downing plenty of Tiger beer and watching the passing parade.


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When Computers Go Bad

overcast 34 °C

Ah, what did we do before computers? Managed our time better, perhaps. Rocked up to the airport at 3.30am, only to find that Air Asia's computer system had crashed - worldwide. Check-in had to be done manually for eveyone. Joy. We were about 2h late leaving but only 1.5h late arriving, so not bad really. Bumped into 3 people we knew on the same flight - one from Nerdia's work plus a whole family from book club! Perth is indeed small.
Air Asia X is nice, but Plane Boy will try to organise upgrades to the uber-comfy lie-flat-and-snooze-the-whole-way luxury seats for the flight home. The blast of tropical heat and humidity when walking across the tarmac to the low cost terminal was something well short of invigorating. (Nerdia was prepared for this with her nifty convertible pants/shorts and layered tops, mind you. ;-)

Hotel Melia is very nice. (For Plane Boy kin: streetscape at ground level is akin to Grand China Princess, but without the deceptively winter outlook.) Plus you can access the internet from the bar - choice! Our room looks out at the truly gargantuan Times Square shopping complex over the road (search for 'melia hotel kuala lumpur' on youtube for someone else's home video from what looks like the exact same room.)
After a bit of a rest and several packets of various interesting Twistie flavours from the adjoining 7-Eleven - Plane Boy's favourite was BBQ curry - we headed off to start exploring Times Square. Immense! A couple of hours was only enough to briefly glimpse a few of the lower floors... more in-depth exploration and retail therapy to follow. Had tea at a Thai cafe in the food court, which was quite tasty but gave Nerdia quite a coughing fit. (In her defence, she is still recovering from a cold. That's her story and she's sticking to it, despite Plane Boy's claims that the chilli was really not that hot.)

No USB ports on the hotel computers so might not be able to upload photos for a while. Never mind, you'll just have to look at them ALL when we get back. ;-)
Early to bed since we are pooped.
Cheerybyenow from Nerdia and Plane Boy.

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